Suntask and the Environment!
Owning a Suntask is a practical way to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions in our atmosphere. Occasionally,the sun's radiation needs a helping hand to maintain your hot water temperature. This mainly occurs during continual cloudy days in the winter season...
10th126th in June, Suntasksolar
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10th126th in June, Suntasksolar trade team attended Intersolar Expo 2014 in Munich, Germany. Especially introduce the concept of "provide free hot water for each family " and show products "SHC,SCM,SR.." series of solar collectors, with a positive attitude response increasingly fierce competition in the solar industry.
      Solar Technology Exposition in Munich, Germany (intersolar) is one of the largest and the most affected solar professional trade fairs in today's world , bringing together most of all the international renowned enterprises in this field. German International Exhibition of solar energy technology and products since its foundation in 1991, growing, has become Europe's largest solar energy technology and product trade show. INTERSOLAR exhibition focused on three main areas of solar energy technologies: photovoltaic technology (solar power), solar energy systems (hot water supply, heating, industrial heat, solar air conditioning) and solar architecture. Around this theme and its accompanying directions and meeting, occupies a unique position in the world, which makes INTERSOLAR have become a regular on the calendar of the manufacturers, wholesalers, suppliers and service trade show. With the rapid development of the exhibition also reflects the fast growth of the global solar market, according to estimate of professionals in the field of solar power, the global market from 8 billion euros in 2005 reached up to 25 billion euros in 2007, The increased range reaches about 40% . The prices of oil, natural gas and other non-renewable energy continuesly increasing recently, brought the more vast development space for solar system industry.While German solar energy technology and solar products exchange leading trade fairs in the world energy revolution, new technologies for the majority of businesses in this area, also provides a good trade exchange window. 
      When the competition of solar thermal industry enters white -hot stage,suntask practise inner strength in production management, product technology, product research and development continue to expand, the products become more and more mature.Still with the product quality, win a good reputation, improve brand popularity. 
      During the Intersolar expo, by the communication with customers, our suntask trade team give the customers a deeper understanding of suntask and a high evaluation of suntask brand, product technology, marketing strategy, marketing promotion, after-sale service and others.

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