Suntask and the Environment!
Owning a Suntask is a practical way to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions in our atmosphere. Occasionally,the sun's radiation needs a helping hand to maintain your hot water temperature. This mainly occurs during continual cloudy days in the winter season...
Split non-pressurized solar water heaters
Product name: SCM-01 Heat pipe solar water heater
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Split Pressure Solar Water Heater
1) 300L: to fit 6-10 person use
2) The water tank can be put in house

Split Pressure Solar Water Heater
1) The pipeline is made of red copper and conducted by heat transfer medium
liquid. Water can't flow in the vacuum tubes and is operated when
confined. The crust uses aluminum alloy mould material of high strength
with airflow design. It is furnished in good style
2) Temperature preservation is equipped with standard electric water heater
setting, automatic temperature control exchanger, with increased anode
magnesium bar stick to prevent furring. It is the true two-in-one
3) The insulating layer uses polyurethane bulk bubble and has a good effect
of temperature preservation
4) The product successfully carries out the installation of separation
according to fabricating yard and is harmoniously blended with architecture
5) The equipments of separated solar water heater is composed by heat
collector, storage tank, electric control device, hot water mix unit and
fittings for circulation and installation

1) Water tank (interior): enamelware
2) Module: PVDF
3) Glass tube: new trivalent element heat tube
3) Steel tube dimensions: 58mm x 1.8m / 47mm x 1.5m
4) Water capacity: 150L / 200L / 300L /500L
5) Pressure: 6 bar
Models vacuum tuber Daily output (Liter/Day/60°C) absorber area size(mm) Qty (set)
A B C D 20't 40'q
SCM12-58/1800-01 Ø 58x1800*12Pc 100-120 1.55 1070 1990 1005 130 141 342
SCM15-58/1800-01 Ø 58x1800*15Pc 130-150 1.95 1295 1990 1230 130 121 295
SCM20-58/1800-01 Ø 58x1800*20Pc 170-200 2.60 1670 1990 1605 130 92 223
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