Suntask and the Environment!
Owning a Suntask is a practical way to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions in our atmosphere. Occasionally,the sun's radiation needs a helping hand to maintain your hot water temperature. This mainly occurs during continual cloudy days in the winter season...
Split non-pressurized solar water heaters
Product name: solar water commercial project-SFM
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Solar center heating project for school, hotel, swimming pool

Many solar thermal collectors can be linked together for making solar central heating project, such as in hotel, school, even swimming pool which need a lot of hot water every day.
The project capacity can be from 1000L-30000L, It needs solar collectors, storage tank, controller, circulation pump and pipeline etc to be combined with.
An assistant heating system, such as heat pump, boiler can be connected with, to provide the hot water in everytime.

Solar Model For Project
1) Strong adaptability
2) Wide application occasions
3) High degree of automation

Solar Model For Project
1) Strong adaptability
2) Wide application occasions
3) High degree of automation
4) Economical and practical
5) Environmental conservation and energy saving
6) In large-scale projects, we use many-tubes-connected solar collecting
system that is composed of solar collectors, storage tank, auxiliary heating
system, computerized controller and pipe cycling system
7) According to the required configuration, it can be divided into two types,
one is vertical and the other is horizontal
8) With large heat collecting capacity and hot water output

1) Water tank (interior): stainless steel
2) Water tank (exterior): PVDF
3) Glass tube dimensions: 58mm x 1.8m / 47mm x 1.5m
4) Heat preservation: 72h
5) Hail resistance: 25mm

Customize Producing Acceptable
Models vacuum tuber Capacity (Liter/Day/60°C) absorber area size(mm) Qty (set)
A B C D 20'ft 40'hq
SFM25-47/1500 Ø 47x1500*25Pc 90-100 1.28 1070 2020 1005 123 112 276
SFM25-58/1800 Ø 58x1800*25Pc 140-150 1.95 1295 2020 1230 123 66 163
SFM50-47/1500 Ø47x1500*50Pc 180-210 2.60 1670 2020 1605 123 69 170
SFM50-58/1800 Ø 58x1800*50Pc 280-300 3.91 2420 2020 2355 123 40 96

Payment: T/T or L/C
Delivery time: 15 days
Minimum order: 1 set
Shipping port: Shanghai or Ningbo
Brand: Suntask or OEM
China Origin
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