Suntask and the Environment!
Owning a Suntask is a practical way to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions in our atmosphere. Occasionally,the sun's radiation needs a helping hand to maintain your hot water temperature. This mainly occurs during continual cloudy days in the winter season...
Split non-pressurized solar water heaters
Product name: solar water heater working station
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WS-II is a combined circulation unit for solar applications. It is double pipnline working station.

WS-II is a combined circulation unit for solar applications. On the right hand side, the pump will supply from the storage tank to the solar collector, and the left hand pipe is the return from the collector to the tank coil.
•No filling pump needed, Using the working station with the container supplied could simplify the installation on filling medium liquid. The circulation pump will allow one man to fill the system.
•Multifunctional ball valve to simplify the system filling.
•Install the collector and the cylinder separately.
•Preset the flow rate.
•Air stop device , manual integrated vent.
•Can work conjunction with any controller.
•Safety operation, excellent performance, Maintenance free.

technical parameters
application range:Combined self-fill circulation unit for solar thermal applications
Body Dimensions (HxWxD):476x285x158mm
Max pressure :10 Bar
Max working temperature: 100 degrees Celsius
Max surrounding temperature: 45 degrees Celsius
connection size: G3/4拻 female
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